Netcracker launches cloud-based software-defined networking as a service

Netcracker have announced the launch of Netcracker Business Cloud, a cloud-based software-defined networking service for network operators. With this launch, Netcracker aims to eliminate cost and complexity barriers of deploying NFV (Network Function Virtualization) in cloud environments to reduce time-to-market of business critical apps for service providers.

According to Netcracker, telco providers still face challenges while building and running their own cloud systems. They say that traditional routes taken by cloud service providers of building their own network and applications are time-intensive and costly.

By launching Business Cloud, Netcracker say that they will provide a cloud-based software-defined networking service with OSS, BSS (Operating and Business Support System) and NFV capabilities to reduce time-to-market business apps.

They also confirmed that the solution will offer the flexibility to be hosted at a single location and deliver it as a service to affiliates, enabling them to provide next-gen B2B services quickly.

Speaking about the launch, Sanjay Mewada, Chief Strategy Officer at Netcracker, commented:

The business, sales and marketing organizations within CSPs that are responsible for B2B revenue growth have often been frustrated by the slow pace of network and IT transformation that is holding them back from quickly offering a new and diverse set of connectivity and value-added services to the B2B market.

CSPs now have a choice to start offering virtual services and cloud-based enterprise applications much more quickly, with flexible commercial and operational models.

Netcracker say that cloud service providers can use the whole stack or a selection of the modules, and use preferred individual functions of their own choice that can be integrated into the Netcracker Business Cloud suite.

Ari Banerjee, Vice President, Strategy at Netcracker, commented:

This is a turnkey model to launch NFV services. There is no vendor lock-in … this is a modular cloud-native approach.

With more and more software-defined NFV solutions introduced for the cloud, service providers can benefit by differentiating themselves from others in the long run. Not only small but large enterprises such as Dell have also taken steps to broaden their cloud offering by launching a turnkey NFV solution with Netronome in January, early this year.

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