What are your thoughts on email tracking services like readnotify?… | Read the rest of

emails from List Messenger going into spam folder

We are using List Messenger Pro on a website.
The number of email addresses numbers less than 200.
When I am test the sign-up feature, the… | Read the rest of

Stop recieve lfd (csf) emails

Hi i’ve configured LFD with another email address to recieve the email alerts but the lfd continues send me alerts to the old email

How c… | Read the rest of

Email Hosting

Hi guys,

Need some help with email hosting.

I’m currently with TSO Host, but since the buyout from Host Europe, and then GoDaddy, it’s… | Read the rest of

Beware of Elite Hosts

After days of my complaining, Elite Hosts finally deleted the expired SSL cert on the email server and replaced it with a self-signed cert! … | Read the rest of