Help Failed login attempt emails

Dear All

I recently changed my vps hosting and now i am recieving a lot messages like this one in my email

Failed login attempts atl… | Read the rest of

Suggestion Needed for 500 Email Accounts Provider

Hi All,

A Client of mine has 5 Domains with each having about 100 Email accounts making a total of 500. Now they were using Zimbra earlie… | Read the rest of

Hotmail/outlook now blocking by AS?

Since a week or so we are having problems delivering e-mail to Hotmail addresses.
They bounce with:

hotmail-com.olc.protecti… | Read the rest of

Anyone have luck with Hostmayo?

Is this company a scam?

Sent an email as they have a special for black friday 70% off. Nowhere in the offer or on their page does it say… | Read the rest of

“fake new subscriber.”

I got a fake email from my website and it is send to me.
I get the “title” New subscriber!

I haven’t put up any script, but this is w… | Read the rest of

ResellerClub Business Email Reseller


Ive been using ResellerCLub Business Email services for since they were launched and found it ok for the price (USD0.3/5GB Account) but… | Read the rest of