How is the power of this Server?

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What host uses ns1.(etc)

For the first time ever I fired a client.

I gave links to a new and an older backup.

I received the following from my now x client.

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For those who want to get a full understanding, you should first refer to my very old thread (from years ago) here: [url]http://www.w… | Read the rest of

Is it fraud/scam ?

Helo and first of all a nice greeting to everyone on this wonderful forum.

I would like to leave my experience here with ,ve… | Read the rest of

VPS $17.97/year 75% Off ALL PLANS! 20 Coupons Available!

We JUST provisioned a new BEAST VPS host and need to FILL IT UP! So we’re offering 20 coupons on a first come first serve basis!

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How safe are .uk domains in view of recent developments?

Hello, this is my first post and it’s a real cause for concern. It has come to my attention that, just over a month ago, someone walked into… | Read the rest of

Can you please recommend a java-based shopping system?

Hello, first allow me to apologize if I posted in the wrong subforum. I couldn’t decide which one is the most appropriate, those which I tho… | Read the rest of