Emails not received from Godaddy hosting

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NorthHosts – where are they?

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OVH Launches Hosted Private Cloud to US Market

OVH has launched its next-generation Hosted Private Cloud offerings for the US market, the company announced this week, taking a step anticipated since the acquisition of VMware’s vCloud Air business in April.

The updated product line is intended to enhance cloud workload flexibility and portability for companies from midsize to enterprise, while leveraging the company’s data center footprint, support team, and the recently announced VMware HCX “hybridity” technology. VMware HCX is a set of interconnection technologies enabling large-scale app mobility between vSphere platforms and VMware Clouds.

OVH’s new Hosted Private Cloud and hybrid cloud solutions run on proprietary hardware and software, and are built on VMware technologies to support organizations’ multi-cloud and hybrid strategies.

“Businesses need solutions that scale dynamically and are supported by top-tier customer service experts to meet their evolving private cloud demands,” said Russell P. Reeder, President and CEO of OVH US. “Businesses are dynamic. Cloud providers must support business change as rapidly as it occurs. OVH works with our customers to deliver the best-fit infrastructure and software options they need to help them operate better, faster, and more efficiently.”

Reeder, formerly of Media Temple, joined OVH in March to lead the company’s business in the US, where he said at the time that the “cloud market is ripe for disruption.

The new lineup consists of Enterprise Dedicated Cloud, built on VMware’s software-defined data center and the latest Intel processors, as well as Disaster Recovery, and Hybridity with VMware HCX.

“OVH is one of the first cloud providers to offer VMware HCX technologies and has long-supported VMware’s vision of multi-cloud,” said Allwyn Sequeira, senior vice president and general manager, VMware Hybrid Cloud Services. “OVH already had a strong history of delivering cloud services based on VMware technology. With the acquisition of vCloud Air, OVH’s support and operational organizations are well prepared to support HCX.”

OVH Groupe SAS founder Octave Klaba recently called the company “the only European cloud provider with the potential to scale.”

Laravel Hosting International Website (EU, US, CA)

Hi Everyone, happy to join the forum 🙂

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Selling two E5-2420 servers

We are selling these two servers, both hosted at Colocrossing:

In LA colocation:
Supermicro 6027B-LTF Superserver (CSE-823T-653LPB, X9DB… | Read the rest of

best hosting for PBNs specifically?

best hosting for pbn specifically (hardly much traffic).
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Hosting company edits my .htaccess

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