Just FYI, Raw Oysters Are Alive Until You Eat Them

You know those oysters that you’re admiring on the half shell, the ones served on ice that you’re getting ready to squirt with fresh lemon to slurp back? We think you should know that those slimy guys are still alive.

This should be common knowledge, but it’s surprisingly not. And it may sound gross, but it’s actually a good thing because when those raw oysters die, they are no longer safe to eat. A dead oyster can harbor large numbers of bacteria, which can make you ill if eaten raw. 

So when exactly do oysters die after after you put them in your mouth? This is an issue that has been heavily debated, and the verdict is still out.

Julie Qiu, an oyster expert who pens the blog In A Half Shell, says oysters probably die when the meat is separated from the shell, because the oyster’s heart is right next to the bottom adductor muscle. That would mean that they aren’t technically still alive when you throw them down the hatch. 

But whether the oyster’s death happens so swiftly is unclear ― one could speculate that the final moment doesn’t actually happen until the oyster comes in contact with the chomp of some hefty molars, or the acids in our stomachs. 

But don’t fret, oysters aren’t the only thing people eat when alive ― sea urchins, shrimp and even octopus also make the list (though we often eat those foods cooked, too). 

Either way, make sure you know how to shuck an oyster if you want the freshest experience possible. And be sure to consider your oysters.

Good Samaritan Saves Tangled ‘Squirrel King’ From Certain Misery

No, you’re not nuts. Those four squirrels were totally stuck together.

A man in Maine took nature into his own hands on Sunday when he protected this so-called “squirrel king” from a cat, trapped the squirrels in a box, and eventually freed them from their fuzzy knot.

Andrew Day, of Bangor, was visiting his parents when the critters caught his eye. He went outside to discover the four little squirrels tangled together by their tails, as well as a nearby house cat who perhaps was preparing for lunch, according to the Bangor Daily News.

“So we got the cat away,” Day told the newspaper. “And we got the squirrels sort of collectively — as a creepy squirrel pinwheel — by a tree.” 

Day recorded the video above, which shows the four squirrels struggling to move as one. 

A Day/Youtube

It’s a pinwheel, made of squirrels.

Day called Bangor Animal Control, but since it was Sunday, nobody answered. He then called the Bangor police, who directed him to the local game warden. The game warden could not arrive for at least an hour, so Day took matters into his own hands.

He trapped the squirrels in a cardboard box and delicately worked to free them. Eventually, each squirrel became unattached. Once the game warden arrived, they were released to reunite with the mother squirrel.

News reports did not specify how the squirrels became tangled in the first place.

“It was like a giant dreadlock,” Day told the Bangor Daily News. “Intertwined with it was straw and twigs and there was some plastic.” 

Celebrities Tweet Support For Ariana Grande Concert Victims

Celebrities flooded Twitter on Monday with condolences for those affected by the deadly blast at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, earlier in the evening.

Police said at least 19 people were killed and about 50 were injured in what they were treating as a terrorist incident. A witness told the BBC that as many as 30 people could be seen lying on the ground at the Manchester Arena concert venue, Europe’s largest indoor arena with a capacity for 21,000 people.

John Oliver Warns This Isn’t The End Of The Line For Trump

Those who believe that the growing scandals around President Donald Trump could force him out of office may be in for a big disappointment. 

John Oliver, host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” reminded viewers on Sunday that Trump has survived all of the other controversies that have come his way. 

“We all thought the next stop on that bus was ― you guessed it ― the end of the fucking line,” Oliver said. “But it seems like when it comes to President Trump, he’s always approaching the end of the line but it never seems to come. As if for him, and him alone, the end of the line is drawn by M.C. Fucking Escher.” 

See his full discussion above.